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Lightseekers is an epic action and adventure role playing game for mobile and tablet that connects smart action figures, accessories, augmented reality trading cards, and more in ways never seen before!

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The Lightseekers Trading Card Game is an awesome standalone physical game for two or more players. Plus, every card is scannable by the Lightseekers game to unlock augmented reality effects, a one-time bonus, and in-game effects and abilities!

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KoraKora JaxJax BoulderBoulder ZyrusZyrus IronbarkIronbark ElaraElara
  • Kora


    Kora is like a ray of sunshine in the middle of an umbron battle! Permanently cheerful and optimistic, this mari has a thirst for trouble and adventure!

    • Water
    • Lightning
    • Air
  • Jax


    An expert engineer, Jax goes above and beyond when it comes to impressive inventions! He’ll always have the latest, greatest tech on the battlefield!

    • Time
    • Explosives
    • Mechanical
  • Boulder


    Boulder is unstoppable in battle, crushing his enemies with unmatched strength and bravery! Boulder is a Lightseeker you definitely want on your side!

    • Fire
    • Earth
    • Crystal
  • Zyrus


    A swift and deadly warrior, Zyrus uses his intelligence and agility to dispatch his enemies! Confident and mysterious, this noxin is not to be messed with.

    • Poison
    • Death
    • Shadow
  • Ironbark


    A revered warrior, Sergeant Ironbark’s battle prowess has made him a well-known hero! With skills and tactics honed by years of battle, he’ll always get the job done!

    • Forest
    • Animal
    • Soul
  • Elara


    Destined to rule her yikona tribe, Elara has formidable combat skills as well as wisdom off the battlefield! A natural adventurer, she explores with endless curiosity!

    • Sonar
    • Gravity
    • Lunar

Scannable card


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