Augmented Reality



Sometimes even the mightiest Lightseekers can find themselves outnumbered by evil umbron. When you need an extra set of hands, you can scan a card to bring reinforcements to aid you in battle.



Each card includes a one-time in-game bonus that you receive when you scan your cards into the Lightseekers game app. Collect gear, loot chests, and valuable XP bonuses. Be sure to protect your cards with a trading shield if you show them to others before you’ve scanned them in yourself.

Unlock powerfull


Each trading card is designed to help you in the Lightseekers game. You can activate combo attacks, power-ups, and buffs that can be used strategically to help you complete difficult dungeons and defeat beastly bosses.

Unleash the power of

Your tribute card

Each Tribute Card is unique and delivers an in-game reward to its owner when it is scanned into the Lightseekers game app. Be sure to share it with all your friends – the more it is scanned and shared, the more powerful it becomes and the more in-game rewards you receive.

Look for

This icon

Whenever you see this camera icon, there are awesome augmented reality effects to be seen. Just tap the camera icon from the main menu or the side panel and you can scan Tribute Cards, packaging, or in-store signs.

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