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A large, open world to explore: Lightseekers takes place on the fantastical planet, Tantos. We’ve taken great care to make Tantos a living, breathing, ever-changing world with countless hours of repeatable gameplay, that caters to the needs of even the most adventurous explorers.




The game focuses on the mysteries of the colossi; believed to be an ancient race who long ago disappeared from Tantos. The only remnants of these powerful beings are scattered ruins, powerful artefacts, and the giant rift that scars the planet.


World Awaits

That is just a small part of the larger picture. Everyone you meet and all the different areas you explore have stories to be told. We have gone to great lengths to give the planet a coherent backstory from the perspective of all its many races and more will be revealed as the game evolves.


Exciting Combat

Lightseekers features a tactical real-time combat system that is as interactive as you want it to be, whether that is hardcore dungeon runs or casually leveling while watching your favorite show on the sofa!

To support this, the combat system is flexible and caters for a wide variety of personalization. This includes abilities, talents, and control methods, just to name a few!



Abilities are powerful attack, defense or utility moves that characters use to defeat foes. Abilities are unlocked by levelling up your hero and allocating talent points. Even more powerful abilities can be gained by equipping new weapons and scanning Lightseekers cards for combos.

Strategic choices need to be made about which abilities you have active at any one time!


Mastering combos is like a minigame within the combat system itself. They are powerful abilities that need charging up before they can be unleashed.

All abilities belong to an Element, and a combo will call out for different ones. If you use abilities that match the current Element of the combo, your combo multiplier will increase and you’ll charge it faster! This means that ‘which ability’ you use and ‘when’ has even greater importance. Combos can occasionally be charged instantly by scanning a Lightseekers combo card.


Each hero has three unique talent trees, which are divided into multiple tiers. Talents unlock as your hero levels up and provide powerful passive bonuses to suit your particular playstyle. Each talent can be levelled up 5 times to increase its power but the number of talent points is limited so choose carefully!

A powerful new ability is unlocked after every 5 talent points are spent, giving you even more powers to choose from.


A hero has nine slots that can be used to equip items. Items can have various stats and effects and come in several different rarities. This makes for millions of unique combinations! Some of these items can also be powered up with lightstones…


Lightstones are powerful items born from the planet’s core, and can be used to power up weapons, equipment, and even your pets!

They come in different types and rarities. Each one has a set of stats from a pool of more than 50, along with other magical effects, that can be unlocked and upgraded in different combinations.

Customizable difficulty

For maximum replayability and player tuning, the game supports a dynamic and flexible difficulty system. You’re in full control to tweak this up or down as you please. Raising the difficulty will increase the rewards earned and also improves the variety of items and opponents you will encounter.


Pets accompany you on your travels. Not only are they awesome looking, but they will also aid you in battle! Different pets have different abilities and can be equipped with lightstones and levelled up.

Similar to pets, powerful short-term followers can be summoned to aid your hero by scanning certain Lightseekers cards. Followers last for 30 minutes and cannot be levelled up, but provide an excellent immediate tactical boost.


Dungeons are designed to be relatively short, challenging combat encounters. Each one features multiple unique bosses with their own mechanics and rewards. Based on what equipment you bring, you’ll be able to access different parts of a dungeon, for additional bosses or rewards.The best loot can be found in dungeons with unique rewards guarded by each dungeon boss.




In addition to quests and puzzles, there is an ever-expanding list of side activities and party games for you to take part in. While the games are much more interactive while using the physical action figures, all party games are available to all players as purely digital experiences.

Customize the world with cards

We are currently working on modifying the world and dungeons, creating your own dungeons and populating it with creatures and effects from cards.

More to come soon so check back!


We’re also working on systems to let you take control of and customize areas of the world – from personal houses, to building your own farms, scrapyards and more… These will naturally also tie in with the other systems, such as combat, crafting and cards.


Tantos is a massive world that contains many mysteries to discover and hidden achievements to unlock. In your adventures, keep a keen eye out for secret items, areas, and other unique things to collect.

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