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The Lightseekers trading card game is a standalone physical game that includes 385+ printed cards, each scannable by the Lightseekers game to unlock in-game effects such as new spells, boosts or even pets that will fight alongside you!

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Card game

Each player in the trading card game takes control of a hero who uses an arsenal of cards, featuring spells, creatures, items, and locations, to defeat their opponents.

The heroes of the game use a specific branch or subset of the magical energy, which is referred to as an ‘Order’. There are six known Orders that equate to six different playstyles.

Each Order contains three ‘Elements’ that generally break down the gameplay to a specific style; aggressive, defensive or utility-based.

Check all Orders and Elements.

  • Dread

    Overwhelms the target with ‘damage over time’ effects while suppressing their ability to fight back.


    • Poison


      Apply steady trickle damage and amplify that damage.

    • Death


      Leech health from targets and turn it into healing for yourself.

    • Shadow


      Supplements Poison and Death, and strengthens the Order’s late game potential by returning cards from the discard pile.

  • Storm

    Has ways to play cheaper and more powerful combos, and is also good at dealing with buff threats, but at the cost of good buff protection for itself.


    • Water


      Provides a good array of spike healing and long term damage reduction.

    • Lightning


      Contains a steady supply of attack damage and ways to set up for bursts.

    • Air


      Provides a variety of means to play combos more easily as well as making them more powerful.

  • Nature

    Gains most power when it carefully tends to its buffs and draws strength from the state of its opponent.


    • Forest


      While lacking reliable burst heals, Forest has tools to prevent falling too far behind and slowing down the tempo until its potential has fully grown.

    • Animal


      Command the beasts of nature to fight for you, through a mix of sustained damage from buffs and attacks timed at the right opportunity.

    • Soul


      Helps you protect and maintain your pool of buffs, and also lets you take advantage of its growth.

  • Tech

    Packs a bigger punch than most other orders, but also put you in the greater danger.


    • Time


      Lets you mess around with Time itself to change the state of buffs and move cards between the past, present, and future.

    • Explosives


      Has a lot of delayed, heavy hitting buffs, but many of them will also catch you in the explosion.

    • Mechanical


      Allows you to make the most out of your crazy inventions, to provide some survivability in the chaos.

  • Mountain

    A jack-of- all-trades Order with strong combo defenses and sustained protection.


    • Fire


      A steady output of attack damage and methods to keep a wounded enemy down.

    • Earth


      Preemptive damage mitigation and slow but steady healing.

    • Crystal


      Complement your attack bursts with delayed damage spikes and defenses after getting attacked.

  • Astral

    Heavily influenced by the past as well as the future. What is at the top of your discard pile and what is coming next from the deck is of great importance.


    • Solar


      Plan ahead to align your discard pile in order to achieve heavy burst damage.

    • Gravity


      Helps you in enabling your card chains and generating a bigger hand size.

    • Lunar


      Chain with damage and utility for increased survivability as well as damage output.

Types of cards

In addition to using cards every turn to influence how your hero reacts or fights, saving cards to play devastating combo cards can be an instant game changer and turn the tide.

The game is quick and easy to learn, but also provides great depth for advanced players who wish to experiment with deck building and tactical play using unique mechanics. The card game is intended for 2 players, but supports as many players as you have friends! Games typically last 10-15 minutes, but can vary based on deck complexity, skill level, and number of players.

Hero Cards

Hero Cards

These cards determine your stats

Attack, buff & defend Cards

Attack, buff & defend

These cards deal damage to your enemies and heal your hero

Combo Cards

Combo cards

Sacrifice cards to play devastating combos that can turn the tide of a competitive game

Want to learn how to get started playing the

Lightseekers Trading Card Game?

Watch this demonstration video created by our staff.

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