Check out the exclusive Lightseekers action figure packaging reveal!

Greetings Lightseekers!

The first ever Lightseekers Closed Beta is live and your awesome feedback has been flooding in,which will help us shape the future of Lightseekers! To celebrate this wonderful occasion we wanted to share an extra amazing treat with you, something that no one outside the PlayFusion offices has seen!

Introducing the full Lightseekers package designs! These awesome boxes and packages will be lining the shelves of stores later in the year and we wanted to give you, our eager and amazing community the chance to get the very first look! These represent our first wave of figure releases that you’ll be able to buy and connect to your game!

First up we have the main event, the uber attraction…The character starter packs! These action figure packs contain everything you need to get started with the game including:

  • A high quality digital action figure
  • Weapon accessory
  • FusionCore
  • 5 in game cards
  • A tribute card to give you a boost you can share with your friends
  • A charger to keep your action figure all powered up.

Next up are the Flightpacks which you can equip to your figure to unlock new in game content and even use the action figure as a controller for your game!

Last but by no means least we have the additional weapons you can purchase for your characters. These will give you extra abilities, allow you to take on greater challenges and even unlock new content in the game!

Lightseekers will be joining TOMY at the New York Toy Fair this week where we’ll be able to show these designs and more off in greater detail. Keep an eye out on our social pages for all the latest news and updates coming out!


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