Lightseekers First Competitive Tournament at PAX Unplugged!

Be part of the first ever Lightseekers TCG Competitive Tournament at PAX Unplugged!

PAX Unplugged launches this November from the 17th-19th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia and the Lightseekers TCG team will be there to usher in the next stage of competitive play!

On Saturday and Sunday you’ll be able to take part in competitive tournaments with major cash prize rewards! Here’s a breakdown of how the prizes work:

Saturday 18th November at 3pm – Constructed deck tournament
Entry fee: $20
* 1st Place: $300 + 4 boxes of Boosters
* 2nd Place: $150 + 2 Boxes of Boosters
* 3rd Place: $75 + 1 Box of Boosters

Sunday 19th November at 11am – PAX Unplugged constructed deck championship
Entry fee: $25 – Swiss Play
* 1st Place: $1,000 + PAX East Badges & Lodging
* 2nd Place: $500
* 3rd & 4th Place: $250 + 1 Box of Boosters

There will also be learn to play sealed deck events every 3 hours throughout the weekend. These have a $20 entry fee and include a Lightseekers Starter Deck and you can earn tickets which are redeemable for awesome prizes!

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