Major Update to the Lightseekers RPG!

Greetings all!

To celebrate 2017 drawing to a close and the amazing experience we’ve had with Lightseekers throughout 2017 we have launched a major new update to the Lightseekers mobile RPG which includes a whole new area, a bunch of new quests and a new dangerous dungeon.

What’s more, Lightseekers should now be available in every country! Every country can now log into their app store, download the Lightseekers game and enjoy the adventure! Figures and cards are still only available in select countries but you can now enjoy the RPG experience.

In the latest update we have added a bunch of exciting new content and improvements for your enjoyment. Check out the highlights below!

Savage Sands is a brand new large map to continue the story of Lightseekers with over 100 new quests, new enemies and areas to discover.
Challenge yourself in a new dungeon The Pit of Despair.
Greatly decreased game loading times.
Manual camera focus for devices without autofocus.

Savage Sands
Explore Savage Sands with almost 100 new quests, 4 new world bosses, hidden treasures and toy exclusive content.
Continue the story as you discover a way to track down General Carnage.
Continue the Tyrax History quest chain as you learn more about this clever and inquisitive race.
There are some familiar some faces too, as you discover what Trustone is up to now.
Visit the tyrax settlement, Dugout. Here you can help out the inhabitants and build your faction favor at the same time.
Sandy-B’s Smoothie Bar is open for business at the Riftside Resort, to the north of Rail’s End.
New faction vendors and repeatable quests for the everok, noxin and kreebal.

A new Storm dungeon – the Pit of Despair
Available now to players from level 32.
The dungeon can be entered through the dungeon portal in Safehaven or discovered in the new Savage Sands world map.

Fixes and improvements
Significantly improved the loading times of the game, especially when booting the app.
Added a tap-to-focus feature for the in-game camera when scanning cards
It is now possible to rotate your character in the equipment screen in-game.
You can now access Ridgeside Enclave from Ashwood Rift as Boulder.
You can now access Wildbloom Hive from Savage Sands as Zyrus.
Fixed an issue where the Mantix Trio in the Mantix Mobilization dungeon would be impossible to defeat.
An issue where a character’s weapon could get locked to a different character is now fixed and will not happen again. There may still be some players affected by this issue from before the fix. Any players still experiencing the issue should submit a bug report via the in-game settings menu.
Fixed an issue where the flight minigames would not reset progress after restarting.
The combo elements are now listed in a consistent order.
Fixed some text errors in the weapons area at Safehaven.

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