Learn more about Lightseekers preorder opportunities and Open Access!

Greetings Lightseeker!

The time has come! We are also extremely proud and excited to announce that our Lightseekers smart action figure starter packs, flight packs and weapons are now available for preorder from and You can also purchase the Lightseekers Trading Card Game from these sites as well.

Beginning tomorrow, Lightseekers smart action figure starter packs, flight packs and weapons will be available for preorder from In addition, the Lightseekers Trading Card Game will be available for purchase in Toys”R”Us stores across the USA and from from the 2nd of May.

Although only available in the US and Canada beginning today, preordering opportunities will soon be available for UK and Australia with more info to come very soon!

Preordering your Lightseekers connected play action figure is a great way to ensure you can own one before they arrive in stores as preorders will begin shipping from TOMY in June allowing you to jump straight into the game with your new connected hero!

Now that you can preorder your figures and get your hands on the cards you’ll no doubt want to start talking with other Lightseekers fans to go over tactics and discuss the characters. We’ve created some awesome forums where you can chat and share your feedback on the game! Just head over to our forums, register and get posting! You can even unlock forum badges by getting involved!

The Lightseekers mobile game also enters Open Access today! If you’re a resident of the USA, Canada or the UK you can now download the game from the Apple App Store, Amazon app store and Google Play and jump right into the magical world of Tantos to experience the game for yourself! Open Access will be made available in other countries once preorders become available. Be sure to check out our Open Access FAQs on the forums for more information!

This is a momentous occasion for Lightseekers and we are thrilled to have had your fantastic and continued support on our journey. We are super excited to be able to share the game with you all!

-The Lightseekers Team

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