Greetings Lightseekers!

We’ve had a fantastic response to the Lightseekers figures and Open Access in the USA and the time has come to share that joy a little further! We are incredibly excited to announce that Lightseekers figures and accessories will be available to preorder in the UK from today (18th May 2017)!

UK Lightseekers will be able to preorder the Jax and Kora starter packs, weapons and flight packs exclusively from and! The Lightseekers trading cards are not available for order in the UK, quite yet, but we will you let you know the moment they make their way over here!

The Lightseekers figures are a must have for all dedicated Lightseekers fans! They will not only let you access exciting new areas and features but the figures themselves have two way communication with the game and will talk to you about your progress and react to what is happening in the game! You can even equip new weapons and accessories like flight packs to make them even more powerful and give you access to even more amazing new gameplay!

We will release details on when Lightseekers will be available to preorder in other countries as soon as we receive confirmation from TOMY.


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